What is Loan or Lease Gap Coverage?

What is Loan or Lease Gap Coverage? Gap insurance, known as loan or lease insurance, protects you if your vehicle is financed or leased. This video will educate you about loan or lease gap insurance.

What is Medical Payment Coverage?

What is Medical Payment Coverage?​ Medical coverage helps you pay for medical expenses that result from a car accident.

What is Comprehensive Coverage?

What is Comprehensive Coverage? Comprehensive plan covers the insured person against both, own damages and any third party damages. However, it does not cover the damage caused by collision.

What is Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage?

What is Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage? Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage protects you if you end up having an accident with someone who does not have sufficient insurance of their own. Watch this video to know more about it.

What is Property Damage Liability Coverage?

What is Property Damage Liability Coverage? Property damage liability covers the cost of damage caused to others – whether you damaged their car, house or any other personal property.

What is Collision Coverage?

What is Collision Coverage? Collision insurance reimburses the damage to your car against accidental collisions. This type of insurance does not concern itself with who is at fault. This video explains the collision insurance briefly.

What is Bodily Injury Liability Coverage? 

What is Bodily Injury Liability Coverage? Bodily injury liability coverage is your first line of defense when you are at fault for an accident that injures the passenger. This video will explain the key features of bodily injury liability coverage.

Understanding an Umbrella Policy 

Understanding an Umbrella Policy Serious accident can happen at any time! You may assume that your homeowners or automobile liability policies are enough to protect your assets. But umbrella insurance offers excess liability over your primary insurance. Watch this video to know how an umbrella insurance can save you from potential damage!

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Why should you buy home insurance? Watch this video to secure your home from every possible peril.

River Gorge Rescue

River Gorge Rescue While hiking during a vacation in Greece, Philip Mitchell, a retired ER physician, fell nearly 20 feet into a river gorge. He suffered a concussion, broken ribs, a collapsed lung, broken hip and pelvis, and additional serious injuries.”My next firm memory is waking up in a hospital bed in great pain,” said… Continue reading River Gorge Rescue