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Shay Thakkar

Shay Thakkar comes from a real estate background with 15+ years of experience. Shay has multi faced experience ranging from assisting clients to acquire residential properties to advising and modeling multi-million-dollar commercial investment opportunities. Shay decided to become an Insurance Producer because he wanted to serve the community by leveraging his real estate knowledge, educating his clients on what the correct coverage should be and protecting the client’s asset at the most competitive market price, in a transparent manner. Shay has Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Shay has 15+ years of experience in the Corporate American and have experience in the field of auditing, personal & corporate taxation, consultation to SEC 500 companies and corporate finance & accounting. Shay’s clients readily admit that his advanced level of monitoring, analyzing, and modeling data leads to a seamless experience where the attention to detail is never spared. Shay is a family man – happily married to a beautiful woman, has two awesome kids that he enjoys spending his free time with. Shay is blessed to have the support of his family and friends in his success. Contact Shay at 847.361.0245 or Shay@kwikinsureu.com for an honest and comparative quote.


What's an umbrella?

Just like the kind of umbrella you hold when it rains, a personal umbrella policy can protect you when a downpour happens. The policy can protect assets and pay for medical and legal expenses beyond your homeowners / renters and auto policies.

Why do I need one?

Let us count the ways! Do you drive? Do you have people over? Do you have kids? A dog? All of these can create a situation where a major claim can happen.

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