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Tushar Vyas

Tushar Vyas is the President and Principal Producer with Kwikinsureu Inc. Prior to stepping into the insurance industry, Tushar was a scientist. During his career as a scientist, he was awarded a few US Patents in the field of electrostatic discharge (ESD). Tushar had the heart of an entrepreneur. While working as a scientist, his wife and him started a business from their home, focusing on consumable goods, such as health, beauty, etc. This business currently spans across the nation & into other countries. After creating success in this industry, throughout a turn of events, he had the chance to be a full time entrepreneur. That’s when he added another business under his wing, starting in the insurance industry. Now with over 15+ years of experience in insurance industry and having won several awards, he attributes a lot of his success to his loyal customer base. He is licensed to customize insurance solutions in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Georgia, New Jersey, Maryland and expanding. Running multiple businesses, he looks to pay it back to aspiring entrepreneur in various fields. His goal now is to reach out to the community, make a lasting impact and educate his existing clients and potential customers on how to protect their current assets and future income.


What's an umbrella?

Just like the kind of umbrella you hold when it rains, a personal umbrella policy can protect you when a downpour happens. The policy can protect assets and pay for medical and legal expenses beyond your homeowners / renters and auto policies.

Why do I need one?

Let us count the ways! Do you drive? Do you have people over? Do you have kids? A dog? All of these can create a situation where a major claim can happen.

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