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Veeral Vyas

Veeral Vyas is a producer with Kwikinsureu Inc. He earned a doctorate degree in pharmacy and currently practices as a clinical pharmacist. Veeral noticed that there was a gap in insurance education with many of his peers and looked to solve that problem. Backed with the expertise of his father’s 15+ years of insurance industry experience, it only made sense for Veeral to join another one of the family’s businesses. Some of his interests are being on the path to a healthy life…style and using his knowledge to help others find healthcare solutions. He enjoys traveling, trying out new foods, and spending quality time with family & friends. Veeral values transparency and looks to cater personalized insurance solutions to each particular client. Veeral is excited to be your one stop solution for your insurance needs.


What's an umbrella?

Just like the kind of umbrella you hold when it rains, a personal umbrella policy can protect you when a downpour happens. The policy can protect assets and pay for medical and legal expenses beyond your homeowners / renters and auto policies.

Why do I need one?

Let us count the ways! Do you drive? Do you have people over? Do you have kids? A dog? All of these can create a situation where a major claim can happen.

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